Mr Nakul Anand, Executive Director, ITC Ltd, was unanimously re-elected as President, Hotel Association of India for a consecutive two-year term (2012-2013) at the 15th Annual General Meeting of the Association held on February 01, 2012, in New Delhi.

The AGM also reconstituted the HAI Executive Committee for a two year term (2012 2013), which now includes the following members:

  1. Mr. Nakul Anand
  2. Mr. P. R. S. Oberoi
  3. Mr. Raymond N. Bickson
  4. Ms. Priya Paul
  5. Mr. Vivek Nair
  6. Dr. Jyotsna Suri
  7. Mr. Vikram Oberoi
  8. Ms. Deepa Misra Harris
  9. Mr. Rupak Gupta
  10. Mr. J. K. Mohanty
  11. Mr. Suresh Kumar
  12. Mr. Suresh Talera
Following the AGM, the new Executive Committee held its first meeting and elected Mr Nakul Anand as President; Mr Raymond N. Bickson as Vice President; Mr Vikram Oberoi as Honorary Treasurer and Mr Vivek Nair as the Honorary Secretary.

Mr Vivek Nair and Ms Deepa Misra Harris are the two new members of the Executive Committee. Mr Vivek Nair, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Hotel Leelaventure Ltd, replaces on the Executive Committee his illustrious father and founding member of HAI, Capt C.P. Krishnan Nair, Chairman, Hotel Leelaventure Ltd.

Ms Deepa Misra Harris, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Indian Hotels Company, makes her debut on HAI's Executive Committee as Member. Ms Harris is the first hospitality representative to be included by a leading business publication in its prestigious list of top 50 women with "proven leadership skills".

Earlier addressing the AGM, Mr Anand reiterated that he would continue to serve the Association to the best of his abilities to ensure that HAI retains its leadership position in the hospitality industry.

Among the several initiatives taken by the Association on behalf of the industry, Mr Anand said, special mention must be made of the contributions made by the Hotel Association of India towards evolving the Tourism Ministry's Approach Paper on Tourism for the Twelfth Five Year Plan which has received the approval of Government at the highest levels. "As your President, I had the privilege of being nominated as a Member of the Working Group set up by the Ministry of Tourism and the Steering Group constituted by the Planning Commission, entrusted with the task of developing strategies for harnessing the full potential of Indian tourism during the 12th Five Year Plan period."

Concluding his address, Mr Anand lauded HAI members for consistently following eco-friendly practices in their hotels, and thanked them for extending their whole-hearted support to him in the discharge of his duties as President of the Association.